Wednesday , January 18 2017
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Hulu launches user profiles on mobile


In December, Hulu announced the debut of user profiles in order to make its streaming TV service more personalized to end users, offering each user their own Watchlist, viewing history and recommendations based on their activity and interests. At the time of launch, the feature wasn’t broadly available, however. That’s now …

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Iris Automation raises $1.5 million to help drones sense and avoid obstacles


Iris Automation Inc. has raised $1.5 million to bring “sense and avoid” technology, and truly self-flying capabilities, to drones used for industrial tasks. Even for human pilots, identifying obstacles and deciding precisely how to maneuver a fast-flying aircraft around them poses a serious challenge. Iris’ technology analyzes and draws insights from …

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ComiXology launches original comics with Adventure Time spin-off


Amazon’s ComiXology is delivering on the promise it made last year to create original content exclusively for users of its platform and Kindle customers, with Adventure Time Marshall Lee Spectacular, an Adventure Time tale focusing on the Vampire King from the franchise’s alternate gender-swapped story universe. The Marshall Lee story is …

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Trouva brings UK boutiques online


How do local boutiques compete with the Amazons of the world? The easy answer is they don’t. When you shop for quality and design over cheap and easy, it’s a different market entirely. But the popularity of online retail has created a need for boutiques to have a presence online. …

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Chelsea Manning to be freed this May


President Obama commuted the majority of the 35-year sentence faced by Chelsea Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst and whistleblower who supplied diplomatic and military documents to WikiLeaks. Manning, who came out as a transgender woman following her trial, has been incarcerated in an all-male military prison in Ft. Leavenworth for …

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Vine shuts off sharing, launches Vine Camera


Vine as we know it is dead. Today Twitter turned off sharing, liking, commenting and revining in Vine, and released its successor, Vine Camera, as an app update on iOS and Android. It has also discontinued the Vine Windows Phone app. For now you can still open the old Vine …

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HPE acquires SimpliVity for $650M in cash


HPE today announced that it has acquired data management platform SimpliVity for $650 million in cash. SimpliVity is one of the many companies in this space focused on what is often called “hyperconverged infrastructure.” That sounds like somebody’s buzzword — and it definitely is — but the core idea is pretty …

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